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Why Nachos?

Everyone seems to enjoy appetizers. At restaurants, the waitress or waiter will always point out the house speciality for an appetizer. At parties or gatherings, plates are passed around with tiny bits of food picked precisely for precarious fingers wavering on what might make the best choice for their palate. By definition, an appetizer is anything that whets the appetite for something to further indulge. Nachos, by definition, are a very sloppy form of appetizer that seems to gain credit for being of Mexican descent. I do not know if they truly are from south of the border, but the taste is quite fine. Anyone can make nachos. Chips, salsa, cheese… anything else is a commodity and only supplements them more.

This “blog”, or as I will probably be referring to it more as a “thought catalog”, is the basis for what drives me musically. There are several things that propel me, but music seems to be one of a few parts that is continually consistent and carefully conscious in my mind. These thoughts of mine are just humble appetizers, or “nachos” if you will, for you to add the rest of your ingredients or thoughts. Nothing is wrong. There is no opinion that rests in better understanding than one’s own mind. Therefore, thinking is one of our greatest gifts and the ability to provoke thoughts and emotions in others through our ideas should never be underestimated.

This is a bit of rambling, but like the plates of appetizers, after minutes of being passed around they are scattered and shuffled. So, leave your thoughts. Leave your opinions. Leave your encouragements because even though rock ‘n roll will not save the world anytime soon, music can bring people closer together.

Why I Sing…

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