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The Beginning of Life

July 10, 2009

sigur_ros_1I do my best to incorporate my spiritual life in my everyday doings. This is difficult for almost anyone and I do not hold an exception. While listening to music, trying to pick out God is sometimes easier than others. There is one song that I cannot help but find God. When I am feeling down or weary, this song will always give me the chills and boost my spirits. I always enjoyed the song but then a good mutual friend of my brother and mine introduced me to his interpretation. From that moment of listening to the song in the dark woods of Camp Tahkodah with the windows up and the speakers at just the right maximum volume, the song was forever branded in my mind as this:

Imagine an old, Moses—Charlton Heston style, but wirier—dancing in a dark room around a spinning glowing orb. In one hand, this God has a staff and with his other hand he shapes and molds this sphere. In fact, this man is like a combination between Charlton Heston and Rafiki from The Lion King. Regardless of how you picture him, there is a build up of how this orb is grown. As he moves about from side to side perfecting the waters and the mountains and the clouds, he draws it all closer and larger. The world grows and catapults into the climax. I find it easy to imagine the climax: God throwing his arms into the air, the waves crashing, and the mountains crunching. I also picture angels singing and making this music themselves to accompany God. Now, this is not to suggest that I think the soundtrack in Heaven will be Sigur Ros, but this song is as close to the creation as I can see.

I would love to discuss my ideas on creationism and evolution with anyone, but not on this blog. I just hope to put into words what is inside my head concerning music. But, even this image is very difficult to convey without experiencing the song with me. This is Glósóli, by Sigur Ros.

Why I sing…

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